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Sandy Donald


Ontario Wildlife Rescue

Ontario Wildlife Rescue (OWR) works with over 50 wildlife centres across Ontario. They connect the public with Wildlife Rehabbers through OWR also work with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on behalf of Wildlife Rescue Centers in Ontario (regulations and conflict). Sandy has dealt with MNR staff at all levels from the Minister, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers all the way down to District Managers. He has been involved in trying to get laws and regulations changed. Prior to OWR Sandy was on the board of directors of Aspen Wildlife Sanctuary, the largest in Ontario. They handled everything from mice to moose. He worked with Audrey Tournay, one of the original pioneers in wildlife rehabbing in Canada. Ontario Wildlife Rescue is a registered Federal Charity Founded in 2011 and is run by volunteers and has no paid employees.

Website - Ontario Wildlife Rescue

Sandy Donald
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