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Pooja Kumar


Institute of Island Studies/UNESCO Chair

Pooja Kumar is a professional planner and a former journalist. Her work as a daily news reporter in Delhi, India more than 20 years ago led her to study planning at the graduate level in Canada. She specialized in environmental planning and subsequently worked as an Ontario-based consultant providing policy advice to public sector entities, and then in the public service for the Government of Prince Edward Island and the City of Yellowknife. In 2020, she completed a second Master’s degree - this time in Island Studies. For her thesis research, she applied the analytic approach of French philosopher Michel Foucault to an in-depth study of how urban wildlife conservation policy on Prince Edward Island is shaped by the ways in which wild nonhumans have been regarded and treated at the scale of the relatively-rural Island. Becoming aware of how humans systematically treat wild nonhumans has changed her fundamentally.

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Pooja Kumar
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