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Peter J. Li

Ph.D. East Asia

Animal Law & Policy

Peter Li is an associate professor of East Asia, Animal Policy and Law at the University of Houston- downtown. His research focuses on animal policy of the People’s Republic of China. Animal Welfare in China: Politics, Culture and Crisis (Sydney University Press, 2021) is Peter’s recent book, a comprehensive overview of China’s animal welfare challenges. Peter’s peer-reviewed articles address policy issues on law-making and enforcement, animal cruelty, and animal agriculture in China studies, legal, and inter-disciplinary outlets such as China Information, Society & Animals, Northwest Law Review (China), Biannual Review of Animal Laws (France), Environmental Policy & Law, etc. Peter and his opinion pieces have appeared in media outlets across the world. He has worked for 15 years as China Policy Advisor for Humane Society International (HSI), the global arm of the Humane Society of the United States.

Peter J. Li
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