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Gosia Bryja

PhD, Conservation Scientist and Geography Instructor

Columbia College

Gosia Bryja holds a Ph.D. in environmental science and has over 20 years of experience as a conservation scientist and educator. While working for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), she participated in numerous projects worldwide. Her contributions include conservation planning for various species such as tigers, jaguars, wolves, grizzlies, spectacled bears, and black bears. During her seven-year stay in Ecuador, she led landscape-scale initiatives and supported indigenous groups in safeguarding their traditional rights and territories. Currently based in Canada, Gosia serves as a full-time academic instructor, teaching geography and environmental studies courses. She also collaborates with local environmental organizations to advocate for changes to wildlife policies. Her focus is promoting compassionate conservation values and enhancing transparency and accountability within government agencies. Finally, she shares her insights by contributing to local news media and has launched an online magazine named "Omere," dedicated to exploring the human-wildlife relationship.

Gosia Bryja
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