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Brittany Semeniuk

Animal Welfare Specialist

Winnipeg Humane Society

Brittany Semeniuk is registered veterinary technologist who specializes in emergency and exotic animal medicine. She has devoted her professional career to advancing animal welfare standards across the globe. From rescuing captive Asiatic black bears within Vietnam’s bear bile trade, to running dog sterilization clinics in the forests of Madagascar, to providing critical medical care to animals in remote, northern Canadian communities, she brings years of specialized training while working on the frontlines to alleviate animal suffering, and has worked extensively with hundreds of different species of animal. Most recently, she works as an animal welfare specialist with the Winnipeg Humane Society. Brittany's work is intricately entwined in government relations, legislative reform, public education, and community building, so that achievements in animal welfare continue to expand and stay a top priority for all Canadians.

Brittany Semeniuk
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