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1. What is the dress code?

There is no formal dress code for the Conference. We expect most attendees will choose to wear business casual or smart casual attire.

2. I'm a speaker. Do I still have to register?

Yes. All attendees must register, including speakers and moderators. There is a discounted rate for speakers. For assistance or questions, please contact event organizer Sarah Janson at

3. What health and safety measures are you taking to protect participants against COVID-19?

We are committed to hosting the event as safely as possible for our attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and staff. We will follow all government public health rules and guidance, and are working closely with the University of Toronto to ensure the safety and accessibility of the event venue. 


Air quality and ventilation are some of the most important means of reducing the transmission of COVID-19. The University of Toronto has taken steps to combat aerosol and droplet transmission by assuring high standards of air filtration. All conference rooms have MERV 13 or higher air filters, offering at least six air changes per hour—the same standard used in healthcare settings. For more information about the classroom ventilation, please see here, here, and here

We have also selected larger rooms for conference sessions, so attendees can space out.

During the event

Please monitor your health. Rapid tests are widely available, and we encourage attendees to take a test before coming to the event. If you test positive, are feeling ill before or during the event, or have been exposed to COVID-19, please do not attend. 

Proof of vaccination is not currently required for events in Ontario or at the University of Toronto, however, we encourage all in attendance to be vaccinated and boosted.

As of July 1, 2022, masks are no longer required at the University of Toronto. This could change by the time the event is held. The Conference will respect the masking rules that are in place on campus during the event. We recommend wearing a high-quality, medical-grade mask such as an N-95 or KN-95.

A distance of two metres is recommended when possible. We have selected large event rooms so that attendees will have a greater opportunity to spread out during sessions. There will be hand sanitizer available to all in attendance. 

We suggest that you ask first before embracing or shaking hands with another attendee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact event organizer Sarah Janson at

4. I can no longer attend the conference. Can I refund or transfer my ticket? 

Please see the Ticket Policy on the registration page for more information. 

5. Can I sponsor the conference?

Yes! For information about sponsorship opportunities, please email event organizer Sarah Janson:

6. Is financial support available for students?

Yes! Members of student Animal Justice clubs at Canadian law schools are invited to apply here for student travel grants. 


7. Are professional development credits available for conference sessions?

Some conference sessions may be eligible for professional development credits. Please consult with your provincial law society to confirm.

8. What is the best way to travel to the Conference venue? And where should I stay?

Please visit our Travel & Accommodation page for suggestions.

We recommend taking public transit or a taxi to the event, but if you prefer to drive, a parking map is available here.

9. Will there be plant-based food options available?

Yes! All food served at the conference will be plant-based and vegan, containing no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or other animal products.


Note that attendees are on their own for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings, and are encouraged to make dinner reservations in advance as Toronto restaurants can be quite busy.

10. Can you suggest any veg-friendly restaurants in Toronto?

Toronto has some incredible plant-based restaurants, and is regularly ranked as one of the world’s best vegan food destinations. You can find a list of restaurants, stores, and other businesses on Happy Cow. We also suggest checking out Narcity's list of vegan-friendly restaurants

Animal Justice's executive director Camille Labchuk also tracks her favourite plant-based eats in the city. You can find her Google Map here.

Reservations are encouraged as Toronto restaurants can be quite busy, especially around this time of year. 

11. What sights should I see in Toronto?

We suggest checking out some Toronto tourism websites for tips on local sights and activities, including:

•    Destination Toronto -
•    Toronto Festival & Events Calendar -

From Toronto, it’s only a 1.5 hour trip to Niagara Falls, a popular tourist destination.

12. Can I bring my dog?

We regret that companion animals are not able to attend the Conference, with the exception of service animals.

13. Is there a student conference this year?

Unfortunately, we aren't offering a student conference this year. We understand that the last couple of years have been challenging for student animal law clubs at law schools, and plan to focus on helping clubs rebuild their membership and profile in the year ahead.


14. How do I access the conference app?

We invite you to download the PheedLoopGo! App in advance of the conference via the app store of your mobile device. Search for our event “Canadian Animal Law Conference 2022” to view all things conference-related!


Within the app, you can:

  • View the session schedule and tag sessions you're most interested in, and create your own schedule

  • Discover more about our fabulous lineup of speakers 

  • Read about our generous Event Sponsors

  • See who else is attending the conference

  • View up-to-date conference announcements - keep an eye on the bell icon!

  • View and post in our Event Feed - Are you gathering with a few other attendees and wish to invite others to join you? Post the date, time and location, and open up the invite!

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