1. How does an online conference work?

We offer the conference through PheedLoop, an online platform that provides a high quality experience for speakers and attendees, with multiple opportunities for learning and engagement. Conference presentations will be available live to registrants, and available afterward for those who wish to watch later or cannot join live because of time zone challenges. Our 2020 online conference got high marks for ease-of-use and interactivity.

2. Will the conference shift to an in-person event if the pandemic subsides?

Not this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in border closures, restrictions on travel, and a ban on large gatherings—making in-person events impossible. Canadian authorities are projecting that everyone who wants a vaccine will get one by September, 2021, but there is too much uncertainty regarding what restrictions will be in place by the time the conference is set to be held. It is also unclear whether the Canadian border will be open to travellers, and under what conditions.

There is too much uncertainty to attempt to hold an in-person conference in 2021, but we sincerely hope to be together again in 2022! In the meantime, we are excited about the benefits of an online program, like increased international content and participation now that participants are freed from the constraints imposed by physical travel.

3. When does the conference take place?

The Canadian Animal Law Conference will take place online, October 1-3, 2021. Friday, October 1 is devoted to the Student Animal Law Conference, and the North American Animal Law and Policy Scholars Track.


During the live conference, you’ll be able to interact with speakers & attendees. The sessions will also be recorded and available online for registrants for 60 days after the event. You’ll be able to watch any sessions that you missed during the live program!

4. I'm a speaker. Do I still have to register?

Yes. All attendees must register at their own expense, including speakers and moderators. Registration will open in May 2021. To stay up-to-date on conference registration, please join the Animal Justice mailing list.

5. Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the conference?

No, all conference sessions will take place within our virtual conference platform, PheedLoop. All you'll need is a stable Internet connection, and access to a desktop computer or a laptop.

6. Can I view the conference from my phone, tablet, or other device?

This is not recommended, and 2020 conference attendees have experienced trouble using phones and tablets. For an optimal viewing experience, we recommend participating in the conference with a desktop computer or a laptop.

7. How do I access the online conference?

All those registered for the online conference will receive an email with a link providing access to PheedLoop, the online conference platform. By logging in, you can watch sessions, ask questions and leave feedback for the speakers, participate in attendee conversation circles, and much more.

To learn how to navigate the online conference platform, you’re welcome to watch this short tutorial

Please note, when joining any of our networking Virtual Connections sessions, on entry your screen will display a Zoom screen asking you to join a meeting. You’ll need to enter your name and press join. From here you’ll be able to connect with other attendees. If you wish to be seen, click start video and allow PheedLoop to use your camera. You can also connect with other attendees in the Virtual Connections public chat area on the right hand side of the screen


8. Can I flag certain sessions I’m most keen on seeing and create my own personal schedule?

Yes! When inside the virtual platform, open up the sessions from the left side of the screen. From there, you'll see a running list of sessions. If you select the + sign, those sessions will populate into your own person schedule. From the dropdown menu next to the search button, click to see your Personal Schedule and checked sessions. With that same schedule filter, you’ll also be able to search by date, track, or speaker.

9. How can I connect with other attendees?

You’ll see a section in the virtual portal called Networking on the left side of the screen, where you can connect with any attendee by sending them a message. You may also receive notifications from other attendees who wish to connect with you. You’ll find notifications in the top right corner of your notifications area. You can also connect directly with attendees who are in the same session as you via the public chat area on the right side of the page. 


You can also connect with speakers via the Networking tab on the left side of the screen.

10. I see that some sessions are pre-recorded, is there anything different about these sessions?

Due to a high number of submissions and the online format, we were happily able to accommodate more speakers and panels than we anticipated. This means that while some sessions will be live, many will be pre-recorded due to the logistical complexity of hosting all of them live during the event. When going into these sessions, note that if you start and leave a session, the recording will start from the beginning. You may follow up with any of the speakers with questions in the Networking area, by finding the speaker and sending them a direct message.

11. How do I ask speakers questions during a LIVE session?

Within the live session, there is a Q&A area where you can post your question. When writing your question, please address it to the specific speaker you wish to address. After the speakers have made their presentations, there will be a Q&A period where speakers will address as many attendee questions as time permits. If you didn’t hear your question asked, please feel free to ask your question directly to the speaker in the general Networking tab.

12. What do I do if the volume doesn't work?

Please check that the volume on the device you are using is turned on. Then, check to see if you are muted on the right corner of the screen. If this still does not work, try closing the screen and re-opening it.

13. What do I do if the video doesn't work?

Try reloading the screen, as this may simply be a lag in the system. If it is a live session, check the schedule to ensure you are attending at the right time, being mindful that the conference times are listed in Eastern Time.

14. What if my screen freezes?

Give the screen a moment to catch up. This may simply be a lag in your internet connection. Check to ensure that your internet is still connected. If possible, you could also connect your directly to the Ethernet cord that provides you with Internet. This may help you establish a more stable connection than using WiFi.

16. When will I have access to the online platform?

Registrants will receive an email on September 10 with their access information for the online platform. 

17. Can I bring my dog to the conference?

Sure! Now that all attendees be joining the conference remotely, dogs, cats, and other companion animals are welcome to join you—bonus points if they make an appearance on-screen!

18. Can I sponsor the conference?

Yes! For information about sponsorship opportunities, please email conference@animaljustice.ca.

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